Topcon DC-4 Digital Camera and BG-5 Background Illuminator

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Topcon DC-4 Digital Camera and BG-5 Background Illuminator
Meibography Capability — When used with the BG-5 Background Illuminator, the DC-4 can perform meibography imaging and video clips

BG-5 is only available for us on the SL-D701 LED slit lamp


With the addition of the optional DC-4 Digital Camera Attachment and the BG-5 LED Background Illuminator, the SL-D701 becomes a fully featured Digital Photographic Slit Lamp. The DC-4 can be used with the EZ Capture and the IMAGEnet® 5 Digital Imaging Systems for clear and sharp imaging of the anterior segment of the eye. The BG-5 LED Background Illuminator provides the additional convenience of allowing the documentation of the meibomian glands. Because of the advanced technology of its electronics; the DC-4 and BG-5 can only be used with the SL-D701 and cannot be attached to older generation slit lamps. The existing DC-3 Digital Attachment will continue to be sold and can be used with any of the previous “D” Series of Topcon slit lamps.
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Additional Information

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